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But Burr, in negotiating an updated Higher Education Act, “could be less of a believer than Alexander in some of the federal financial aid programs,” McCann said. Another lobbyist noted that Burr is considered a fiscal conservative. But Paul being the Senate’s top Republican on education policy would be a different situation altogether. “Burr generally strikes me as a … more conventional conservative. He’s going to be skeptical of any new spending,” said Frederick Hess, director of education policy at the conservative American Enterprise Institute. “Paul is generally skeptical of federal spending,” Hess said. “Paul is visit here very much of a small-government Libertarian.” Paul has on a number of occasions gone as far as calling for the elimination of the Education Department, arguing at a 2015 panel discussion at the University of Chicago, for instance, that education should be handled by state and local governments. Referring to the federal government, he said, “They send rules down that don’t help education. They hinder innovation. I’d cut them out of the loop. I don’t think you’d notice if the whole department were gone tomorrow.” Likely, that means he’d be opposed to increasing spending on student loans and would seek to shift money away from higher education, McCann said.


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